Please find below some comments from practitioners who have attended our programs and workshops either as a post-graduate candidate or for continuing professional development.

Comments from postgraduate students


Michelle Webster and her team of trainers have a wonderful blend of teaching, processing and practise that invites you right into the process. The team is very warm, safe and caring. It is an environment that opens up the learning experience, making it enjoyable, relaxed and an educational experience you can apply from the very next day. Michelle’s attention to detail, experience and professionalism is just wonderful.

–  2016 Postgraduate Student

I have attended 9 workshops so far as part of attaining a Grad.Dip. EFT. Every time I leave a workshop I have a sense of great privilege to have attended something so well organised, expertly delivered, and inspiring. The material is taught in a highly effective way, with opportunity to practice what we’re learning through skills sessions, which are supportive and encouraging. I leave each workshop physically exhausted but professionally invigorated, with immediately applicable concepts. There’s a great sense of generosity to me about this training: concepts, ideas, skills, encouragement.

– 2016 Postgraduate Student

My journey at IEFT Annandale has been like a rainbow — a path of personal and professional magic. Being guided, mentored by kind and genuine people has been an enriching experience.

– 2016 Postgraduate Student

Comments on specific counselling workshops

The trainers were professional and able to present complex ideas in accessible ways which has given me confidence in applying the protocol to my clinical practice.

– 2016 Emotion Focused Workshop Attendee

Thank you Michelle and Lisa for a great introduction to the course. It’s lovely to have such passionate teachers.

– 2016 Emotion Focused Workshop Attendee

Video and audio demonstrations were so helpful. Both skills practices and demonstrations helped me bridge the gap between theory and practice.

– 2016 Experiencing Emotion Workshop Attendee

I appreciate the trainers using their skills and knowledge in Focusing and being prepared to use their own material as a learning experience… can already see applications to current clinical cases.

– 2016 Focusing Workshop Attendee

Thanks for making this such a positive learning experience and a safe place to practice… thanks always for your depth of preparation and putting yourself on the line in the service of our learning.

– 2016 Focusing Workshop Attendee

The learning experience was excellent.

– 2016 Focusing Workshop Attendee

I very much appreciate the genuine approach to the video demonstrations. The trainers participating in such a way has a lot of integrity.

– 2016 Emotional Signature workshop Attendee

The openness and honesty in all trainers makes the whole experience so much better for me.

– 2016 Emotional Signature workshop Attendee

A well-constructed workshop on a very sensitive topic of CSA. The material was handled sensitively and the group was well held in terms of therapist care. A focused approach to the psychotherapy for CSA balancing timing, therapeutic relationship, client tolerance and emotionally focused theory. Skills practice was excellent learning in using observer visualisation and regression work. Revisiting the trauma scene and removing the client to enable safety for the client is essential and great revision. Client examples illustrated the work clearly. An excellent learning experience.

– 2016 HCSA Workshop Attendee

Thank you Michelle and Toni for the wonderful workshop. It was a privilege be part of the group and learn so many powerful skills to help healing child sexual abuse.

– 2016 HCSA workshop Attendee

Comments on couple workshops

I really enjoyed the workshops and felt I gained practical tools and the confidence to utilise in my private practice.

– 2016 Couple Assessment Workshop Attendee

A great two days. Enjoyable and worthwhile!

– 2016 Couple Talk Workshop Attendee

I really appreciated the reinforcement of learning. The questions and summaries Michelle gave at the beginning of each session that reminded us of the big picture and the why behind what we do.

– 2016 Couple Talk Workshop Attendee

Both presenters were fantastic, the combination of skills demonstration by video and high quality guidance of the actual practice is why I continue to choose the IEFT as my preferred professional development provider. The ‘couple talk’ protocol is simple, strong and appropriate, and I’m very happy with it as a tool to use with couples.

– 2016 Couple Talk Workshop Attendee

I enjoyed the whole workshop. It had such a good atmosphere for sharing and commenting and asking questions. Being able to do all this feels empowering to me.

– 2016 Emotions in Couple Workshop Attendee

Thank you Michelle and Clare for another excellent workshop. I feel that I have a greatly enhanced understanding of how to incorporate the unpacking of a client’s emotional experience within the couple talk framework.

– 2016 Emotions in Couple Workshop Attendee