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Educating counsellors, social workers and therapists in Emotionally Focused Therapy throughout Australia.

Legal entity

The Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy Pty Ltd (IEFT) ACN 085 501 837 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foundation Education Holdings Pty Ltd and forms part of the Foundation Education Group. This entity is established as an Australian Proprietary Company limited by Shares with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and by the Institute’s Company Constitution.

Board of Directors

IEFT’s Board of Directors has a majority of well-qualified and experienced independent directors. The Board has oversight of the strategic direction and management of IEFT.

Board Directors Role
Mr Martin Przybylski (Chair) Independent Director with legal and management expertise
Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham Independent Director with higher education expertise
Mr Gregory Will Independent Director with financial expertise
Mr Kevin Kalinko Shareholder representative

Academic Board

The Academic Board provides academic leadership of IEFT and oversight of all academic matters. The Board ensures that the required policies, procedures and processes are in place to monitor and protect the academic integrity of the student experience. The Board sets and monitors academic standards and oversees a range of academic processes, including oversight of admission standards, recognition of prior learning and credit transfer policies; alignment of course assessment processes to academic standards; and fair and reasonable student grievance processes. The Academic Board is comprised of senior academic staff from other higher education institutions, industry practitioners and members of professional associations, members of the Institute’s academic staff, and representatives of the alumni.

Academic Board Member Role
Dr Maree Gosper Chair
Emeritus Professor Jenny Graham Independent Director with higher education experience
Dr Barry Burgan Independent member from another higher education provider with business expertise
Dr Ione Lewis Academic Director
Professor Stan Glaser Independent member with business expertise
Judith Ayre Senior Lecturer
Vacant Alumni Representative

Course Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Academic Board delegates responsibility for industry and discipline-specific advice and guidance for the development and ongoing review of IEFT’s higher education courses to the Course Advisory Committee (Emotionally Focused courses). The CAC provides additional quality assurance and ensures that the courses are relevant and current. The CAC seeks advice from a variety of sources, including external senior academics. External membership is drawn from senior academics with expertise in this discipline.

CAC (Emotionally Focused courses) Member Role
Dr Ione Lewis (Chair) Academic Director – IEFT
Dr Cath Bettman Independent member (practising professional)
Mr Jeremy Barbouttis Independent member (practising professional)/alumni

The Executive Management Committee (EMC) is responsible for the efficient conduct of IEFT’s business and as such, is the primary operational decision-making body of the Institution. It functions to:

  • Implement policies and procedures to enable the efficient running of the Institution
  • Implement business plans that ensure that the Institution maintains a quality assured teaching and learning environment for all stakeholders including students, academic trainers and staff
  • Conduct regular reviews of academic and operational performance
  • Provide a high level of management coordination to support the CEO in achieving the Institute’s plans and strategic objectives.
EMC Member Role
Dr Andrew McAuley (Chair) Chief Executive Officer – IEFT
Adam Woollard Chief Financial Officer
Dr Ione Lewis Academic Director – IEFT
Nicky Whichelow Chief Marketing Officer – Foundation Education Group