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IEFT Updates

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June 2018

Farewell to Dr Michelle Webster

As you may be aware, in 2016 IEFT was acquired by an education group called Foundation Education. At that time, IEFT and Foundation Education entered into a service agreement with Dr Michelle Webster. She has continued to teach the IEFT courses as well as providing the premises (Annandale Institute) from which our higher education courses and CPD workshops are delivered. The purpose of the service agreement was to facilitate an orderly transition of the Institute’s ownership from Dr Webster to Foundation Education. Over two years later, the service agreement has now ended and will cease on 2 August 2018. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution Dr Webster has made to EFT as a modality in Australia through the development of the IEFT accredited courses.

IEFT Staff

We are pleased to announce that Dr Judith Ayre has been appointed as Senior Lecturer and Head of the emotionally focused counselling and therapy discipline at IEFT. Judith joins us from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, where she was the Discipline Head of Counselling. Judith completed her Doctor of Clinical Science (Counselling and Psychotherapy) at La Trobe University in 2012. Her thesis focused on the experiential teaching and learning of emotion-focused therapy (EFT). She also introduced an 80 hour EFT major into the La Trobe Masters course.
There could not be a better qualified EFT academic and practitioner to take on the leadership of IEFT’s higher education courses. Judith will commence with us on 25 July and commence teaching in the second semester.

As you may be aware, I have been working as IEFT’s Academic Director since February 2017. I have been an academic in counselling and psychotherapy for over 25 years, holding senior roles at the University of Canberra as Associate Professor and Associate Dean Education, and at Australian College of Applied Psychology as the Inaugural Professor of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Head of the School of Counselling. I have conducted research into the counselling and psychotherapy workforce and professional identity, published in peer-reviewed journals and was the President of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia for four years from 2010-2014.

In addition, we have also recently appointed a new CEO to run and lead IEFT into the future. We have appointed Dr Andrew McAuley. Andrew was recently the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Southern Cross University, and prior to that the Pro Vice-Chancellor. Andrew has held these leadership roles since 2011 and widely published across a number of areas. Andrew brings a wealth of experience, capability and knowledge to the operations of IEFT as a Higher Education Provider.

So, from a leadership and teaching perspective, IEFT is well positioned to continue the work started by Dr Webster and continue to deliver high-quality courses, grounded in practice research and taught by leaders in the field. Advertised workshops, courses and supervision will continue to be delivered in Semester 2 and into the future.

2018 Graduation Ceremony

In addition, the board of IEFT will be hosting a graduation ceremony in early September with the date to be confirmed next month. This graduation ceremony is a great opportunity to recognise the achievement of our students who have now graduated from the course and an opportunity for you to meet the board and the academic board of IEFT. We will release details of this next month and encourage you to attend.

IEFT Campus

In relation to premises, IEFT has organised a campus at Rhodes, near Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney. The campus is located in a new building near public transport at Rhodes waterside with new interior, free Wi-Fi and disabled access. The Rhodes campus is temporary whilst we are undertaking a comprehensive search for appropriate long-term higher education premises.

IEFT has a full-time campus manager, Ms Ishrat Siddique, to respond to student enquiries and coordinate our courses and workshops. Ishrat has a great deal of experience in working with students and academic teachers which she brings to this position.